Political Consulting

Interested in moving the ball forward in a legislative environment? Looking to activate a grassroots movement to advance your cause? Rotunda, LLC is here to help. 

Rotunda, LLC has more than a decade of extensive political campaign experience. 

We have run a campaign for a state legislative seat that resulted in thousands of votes on Election Day.

We have run a grassroots fundraising campaign that raised $68,000 from 950 unique contributors.

We have developed a public relations and marketing campaign that directly reached 30,000 targeted voters eight times each over the course of an 18-month campaign. 

We have organized a 65,000 piece direct mail campaign.

We have executed a multi-modal social media and email communications strategy, landing over 50 pieces of earned media coverage in radio, print, online, and television:

We have managed relationships with external vendors including myriad printing vendors, mail houses, consultant groups, graphic designers, web developers, restaurant owners, venue operators, and State agencies.

Allow Rotunda, LLC to train, operate, and execute for your campaign.